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You must also have either: Yes, provided you are both over 18 and you complete an Adult Interdependent Partner Agreement.

People who are related to each other by blood or adoption must complete such an agreement in order to be treated by the law as adult interdependent partners.

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The document must be in the form that is provided by legislation called Adult Interdependent Partner Agreement Regulation, and it must include the following details: There are certain circumstances under which a minor may enter into an Adult Interdependent Partner Agreement.

There are two conditions that must be met before a minor may enter into this agreement: 1. the minor’s guardian(s) signed the Agreement indicating their consent of the minor entering into an Adult Interdependent Partner Agreement. Making an Agreement is simply one way to determine that a valid adult interdependent situation exists.

It is also possible that, even without an Agreement, your conduct shows that you share each other’s lives, are emotionally committed to each other, and function as an economic and domestic unit.

Those rights, benefits and responsibilities will be similar to – and in some cases, the same as – those extended to spouses who are married.

For example, the Alberta Family Law Act will allow adult interdependent partners to apply for a support order where the relationship has broken down.

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