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Even on a day off last October I had to unofficially work - policing the queues at the new Disneyland, Shanghai.We British invented the art of the queue and I wasn't going to stand idly by for the teacups and let any old Tong, Nip or Lian-Wei skip ahead.I will admit I never dreamed of doing what I do now, but perhaps the signs were there.

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Perhaps one of the more memorable experiences of my career to date was (six or so years a go) spending three weeks being the 'male nanny' and civility sensei to an eight year old Middle Eastern prince.Whether it's training an entire foreign ministry in Africa, India's Miss Universe contestants or corporate types at leading banks, people look to my colleagues and I to finesse how they eat their food.While for many years British food may not have been the envy of Europe, we Brits certainly knew how to make an elegant meal out of eating it properly.Being an etiquette coach is an actual job: despite what Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs annually tell me. If Donald Trump can be President and Paul Burrell can still get work, then there'll be no stopping me.A few years ago when travelling to New York for work, I was asked by a US border official what my profession was; after hearing my reply he asked whether I 'felt guilty when people pay you for that'. This summer marks my tenth anniversary of teaching and commentating about etiquette.

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