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That was shortly after I buried my parents and older sister. I just made a list and decided to see how many things on it I could do before I died. The first thing on the agenda was to do as much travelling as I could before I got too sick to do that. It was mainly hopping buses and trains to see the east and west coast since I had grown up in the Midwest. My research took me to a small city south of Boston called Arkham.They had died in a car crash and blind luck had kept me home that day. It was well known for its scenic points as well as the corporate headquarters of Numenor Incorporated.

Even with aggressive treatment there was little chance of remission.

I skipped a few steps and I guess I had my grandfather to thank for that.

He was a no-nonsense sort of fellow and laid down the facts of life early on in my life.

The door opened and a gorgeous Japanese woman approached me and bowed low.

"You are Trevor Kent," she asked and I could only nod.

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