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How Did the World Crokinole Championship (WCC)™ get started? Are special lubricants, waxes, or powder substances that are applied over the surface of a board, necessary in order to achieve the best "speed" in competition crokinole?In addition, Burmese or East Indian carrom (developed during the 1820s) seems a logical ancestor of crokinole due alone to the very similar shooting or fillip technique involved.The game may still be fast, enjoyable and satisfying, but if you some day wish to play in international competition, it would be prudent to determine these facts before obtaining a new crokinole board.(Practicing on a slightly wider, narrower, longer or shorter tennis court would not necessarily be to the advantage of players hoping to compete at Wimbledon!But it would not appear that crokinole actually developed within any of the Mennonite or Amish communities.

Crokinole products link for a listing of new crokinole board models available. Crokinole discs are traditionally fabricated from hardwood materials. If that does not provide sufficient answer, e-mail Mr.

And while a German game known as 'knipps-brat' (various spellings in high and low Germanic dialect exist) may have had similar features, game historians agree the aforementioned British and Asian predecessors seem the most likely links to modern-day crokinole.

[For more detailed information, please consult Chapter Two "Early Origins" in The Crokinole Book.] Many wonderful works on the history of games have been written in the past two decades.

Eckhardt and his ancestors were Lutherans, not Mennonites. Further, the oldest roots of crokinole from the 1860s suggest the British and South Asian games are the most likely antecedents of what became crokinole.

No known Mennonite or Amish connection seems to exist within the crokinole pedigree.

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