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Take some time, do some research, and have some fun.

Dunno that I'd take on a relationship at that distance, however I dated one russian woman who already lived here & found her a particularly nice person.

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Why they do this is beyond me, I mean if anyone pressured me to doing something I would simply not comply with it.

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It is always best to steer away from Russian dating site which charge you to open and send mails, most Russian women have their own internet and have no need for any third party.

Russian women have been bought up in a very different culture to Western women, they take a very traditional role in a relationship, and can balance the needs of their husband with their own personal needs, many would look upon this to be a very old fashioned compared to a Western women, this is probably a reason why many men want a Russian wife, as western women over the last two decades have become very career orientated and many even put their career before their husband.

It is a fact that most Russian women are very well educated, most have a collage degree, it is a fact that Russia has the highest educational level in the world, 90% of Russians go on with further education and university, you will find Russian women interesting to talk to on many subjects, they enjoy reading books, visiting museums and going to the theatre.

Searching for somone though seems to be the product way of doin' things, for instance an agency might say we won't get our Bonus unless we get people together which eventually ends in Disaster.

I'm simply reading into your statement about their doing this that and the other thing and find it simply amazing that they still have time for a bloke!

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