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She has since maintained ties with them for over twenty years. “I was there.” “I was convinced something was in there,” Linda states.

“Although I sometimes feel like I am not necessarily welcome in town,” Melinda says, “support from people like Linda shows us that a large segment of the community cares, that they accept us as their own. “Is it true that authorities opened the Hicks mausoleum to search for records pertaining to the Hicks Babies? “It is so odd that Hicks himself is not in the mausoleum. It is easy to understand why people believed something was behind those doors. For her part, local resident Theresa Starnes offers a plausible explanation.

She also knew some of the birth mothers who gave away their children at Hicks’ clinic. “With us, we weren’t given a chance to find out who or where we’re from,” Melinda says. “A lot of girls that came weren’t connected to the people in the town, were they? Hicks anymore,” Melinda says, “it’s about us.” The Hicks Babies and their supporters sit around a table at a local restaurant.It is possible that deaths like these convinced Dr. “Hicks was providing a service,” says Ken Rush flatly. We like it to be nefarious.” * * * fter she pauses for photos in front of her birthplace, Sandy Dearth huddles with her daughter Crystal and two fellow Hicks Babies, Melinda Dawson and Cyndy Stapleton.Rush is the director of the Ducktown Basin Museum, a small institution devoted to preserving the history of the area. They have returned here for Sandy, to show her where she came from.Like Ken Rush, she expresses dismay at “newspaper people” who are only interested in “sleaze” and have misrepresented him. “You go through life thinking, ‘who do I look like? They are tired and hungry following their emotional return to Mc Caysville and need some time to recharge. We may have lost the ability to contact our birth parents, but we’ve gained each other.” The entire group echoes her sentiment.“The connections I’ve formed to these women and the others who are not here today is one of the most unexpected and lovely outcomes of this horrible situation,” Cyndy declares.

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